Tuesday 26 June 2018

Savior - 40 years old

So beautiful miniature lady!
It was a big pleasure to paint it.
At this time I tried to mix some different colors (red, orange, green and purple). Hope the result is not motley. And it is satisfying for me.
It was very important to not lose face with so red-red dress. And I chose black color for her hairs to do strong contrast. And I think it is working.

Saturday 16 June 2018


New one from Kingdom death.
Now it is Bard. Very nice miniature to paint )))
I chose my favorite purple color and added some different green details. But this time I took Magenta (V) instead Royal Purple (V) and mixed with Black. So I had strange gloss on coat. Maybe magenta paint was old or bad I don't have any idea.

Thursday 14 June 2018

Traitor Librarian project: the final

The Traitor-Librarian project is finally over and went yesterday to a new home. This project took considerably more time than I had originally planned and was one of those rare works that I would gladly leave in my collection. While working on this miniature, I came up with several interesting ideas that I will definitely try to realize when I make such an uncle for myself.
I hope you were also interested in watching the process and liked the result.

CMON voting link: http://www.coolminiornot.com/427318
Putty&Paint voting link: https://www.puttyandpaint.com/projects/17870

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Monday 11 June 2018

Traitor Librarian part 5: Burn Fire Burn!

The last part of the Traitor-Librarian project log will be devoted to the fire demon and glow effects.
The first thing that I would like to note is that the fire and all sorts of similar effects are better drawn on a light undercoat. Because I primed miniature with black, I need to do a layer of the light undercoat. I used Khaki (VGC), but in principle, any extra opaque light colors would work.

Thursday 7 June 2018

Traitor Librarian part 4: Reds

Since I have repeatedly written about working with reds in previous projects, I'll just describe the used colors and techniques. On this model I used two variants of red, warm on a cloak and a tabard and a cold red-magenta on a book and a staff.

Tuesday 5 June 2018

Malifaux Monday #86: Emeline Bellerose

Today is Monday. Malifaux Monday )))
At this time I painted a Victorian lady named Emeline Bellerose.
Very nice miniature in my own opinion. It was pleasant and quick to work with it. Except perhaps for this strange frill, which is decorated with her skirts. The relief is too small to paint as a fold and too large and not smooth just to make small strips.
I wanted to make a strict and with a very discreet colors lady. Therefore, I used few colors. Mostly black, purple and "the hipster pink" Light flesh" (V), which I use instead of white paint. Plus few drops of pale skin tone, beige for hair and emerald for feathers on the bonnet. Now I reflect, how this lady could look if I choose milky, sand and gold colors for her dress.