Wednesday 31 October 2012

Tuesday 30 October 2012

A small portion of Confrontation

Here are my last works - Barbarian Gaint and Alahan flag-bearer from Confrontation. Nothing special but simple good minis :). Hope you'll like it.


Friday 26 October 2012

Some W.I.P.s

Today I was meeting with all serpentarium members. We talk-talk-talk a lot about blog, about plans, about colors and bases.
I decided to show some of my works-in-progress.

There are two bases.
One for AshanTyr (Rackham).
Second  for winged vampire (GW).
It`s difficult for me to do bases. And it`s  impossible to do beatiful base. So... I  call Ookami for help. Ookami, River and Ravenswood (and Zubr sometime) always have a lot of interesting ideas. And often  a lot of caustic remarks.  :)

And some wips from my workplace.

Monday 8 October 2012

Basing is SIMPLE!

I think the base is not very difficult. The main issues that arise is what to do and from what. On the first, I probably will go into transcendental wilderness, so long as quiet. With the second easier.
   Little bases that made ​​after talking with We7 THIS THREAD. Do not think they reference, rather a test version. Myself just interesting, could I put together something in 2 cm plastic. Well somehow fit, although sacrificed place for miniatures))
   I invite to discussion. If you have questions on the technology ready to make some tutorials! So WELCOME;)

Sunday 7 October 2012

Empire General. Step-by-step by River. Part2: General.

I continue my step-by-step tutorial of the Imperial General. Now it's time for the General. I used the same recipes of several colors (red, white) as in the first part (Horse) so I'll not repeat it here.

1. base - GW Foundation Tallarn flesh
2. I added to the base GW Dark flesh, purple. And I added
of little bit blue in deeper shadows
3. highlights - base + GW Elf flesh
4. glazing
cheekbones areas with orange and final highlights by Rakham Pearl flesh
5. Bleached Bone  - in the eyes
6. Pupils - I used dark blue and white for the speck in the pupil. Then I rounded the eyes by mix from step 2 and painted the eyebrows.
7. Hat was made ​​by analogy with the bridle, the white ribbon on the hat - as a blanket, a skull - like skeletonHair: base GW Scorched brown, lightening - with the addition of GW Vomit brown and orange to the desired color. I've decided to make earring with blue stones - I don't know why.

Monday 1 October 2012

DevastatoRRRRRR! W.I.P.

While the dragon sit out his ... tree branch. Little sketch from next project.
Classic Warhammer. That all we love - the pathos and total power!
The final sketch:

Пока дракон отсиживает свою... ветку. Немного эскизов следующего проекта.
Классический Вархаммер. Чтоб все как мы любим - пафос и тотальное превозмогание!
Финальный эскиз: