Saturday 29 November 2014

Friday 28 November 2014


It`s a native syberian people. 54mm author`s sculpt from my friend Alexander Deryabin. Painted with Scale 75 acrylics.

Friday 21 November 2014

"The Death" Frederick the Great`s 5th Hussars.

This is 1\10 scale bust from Young miniatures that i had paint by oils and acrylics. Eyes was alittle resculpted.


Friday 14 November 2014

Chaos Dwarf Infernal Guard -2

I painted this unit for my Chaos Dwarf army. For a year I painted 11 miniatures, 8 of which I used to work for the competition Hussar 2014.
I tried to make them brighter than the dwarves from the first group, which slightly changed the color scheme. I used Scrofulous Brown instead Calthan Brown in "Bronze" HMM, and added more orange to black in the early stages of highlighting.
Also I added lava on the base to make the model more visually brighter. And lava on the bases defined selection for the general idea of regimental base. Unfortunately, due to the mistakes in time management, I did not have time do it as best as I can. In the end it happened how it happened.

I won nothing with this unit on Hussar 2014, just passed to final. Anyway I think it was good work and good experience for the future.

Thursday 6 November 2014

Tigurius' face. Small tutorial with lots of hints and tips.

    Это кусочек "тренажерки" покраса библиария, где учителем выступал Кирилл Канаев, а в качестве ученика - собственно я, Надя River. Пока не уверена в публикации всего цикла покраса миниатюры по многим причинам. Однако лицо сего персонажа - это то, над чем я очень старалась и слушалась сенсея, выложилась на максимум своих возможностей. Поэтому не стыдно. И может, почитав наставления мастера, кто-то попробует повторить это действо для достижения классного результата.
  This is a part of "painting gym" with Kirill Kanaev as a teacher and me, River, as a student. I'm not sure in publishing all process of painting this miniature because of some reasons. But Tigurius' face - this is the part which was made with my maximum possibilities. And may be somebody will find this information useful fo him and will try to do the same on his miniature.