Wednesday 31 July 2019

Gold NMM recipe based on Pacific88 paints

This golden NMM resipe whan I tested on three Custodes training pieces. Now I finished this work and ready to show the result. All paints are #Pacific88 Art Color

1. Base Mix. The base mix consider three paints: main - ART358 Reddish Brown, and a little addition of ART1 Black and ART120 Red

2. Highlighting the Light Side. The light side will be more yellow and cold
Base mix with a highlighting with ART122 Reddish Orange, when it will looks a bit more orange than brown add ART92 Dark Tangerine, when ART95Orange and on the latest stages ART60 Yellow and Art White15
You may use ART95 Orange when highlighting to do a process faster

3. Highlighting the Reflex. The Reflexes will be more orange and warm.
Base mix with a highlighting with ART122 Reddish Orange, and will looks a more orange than the light side At the last stages add a little of ART92 Dark Tangerine, and a bit of Art White15

Thursday 18 July 2019

Third training custodes

 Third (and the last) training custodes now finished. And also I finished developing of the golden NMM recipe based on Pacific88 paints. So I will reveal it soon and then will try something different for the new NMM recipes.
Also I will start a small gang of this golden boyz)