Thursday 29 November 2012

My November's works

That's over the autumn and winter comes. So I want to summarize my November's finished works. This month brought me:

 Borgut Facebeater

Tomb Kings Liche Pries:

Griffin Thallions:

Dwarf King Alrik and Shieldbearers:
 So - welcome, December!

Monday 19 November 2012

Big Red WIP

This mini also have a own hard history but I'll tell it to you only after finishing the work.

Friday 16 November 2012

Holiday without hobbies... is not a holiday!

Holiday  is always good. Holiday combined with hobbies shopping is right and VERY good. Trophy...

Now we are in Barcelona, and ​​found some interesting places.

Wednesday 14 November 2012

Something about beastman`s axe...

Small step-by-step about beastman warchief`s big axe.

Beastman Warchief

I don`t like AoW, but this goat melted my heart.

I think miniature need more contrast especially snout.
And more different colours! MORE!!!!!!!!

Saturday 10 November 2012

Live eDISHion 2012

  В прошлые выходные (3-5 ноября) в Москве проводилась небольшая выставка-конкурс стендового моделизма Live eDISHion 2012. В числе категория были две, интересующие нашу тусовку - Фэнтези и Фантастика.
   Last weekend there was an exhibition/contest of military and historical modelism in Moscow - Live eDISHion 2012. There were two categories interesting for us - Fantasy and Sci-Fi miniatures.

   Про выставку всем сообщил Ооками всего за несколько дней ДО открытия. И мы в экстренном порядке приняли решение "Участвовать!" Покопавшись в наших личных коллекциях Я, Марина и Ооками выставили некоторое количество работ. Они фактически и "сделали" эти две категории ввиду непопулярности этой тематики среди суровых стендовых моделистов.
  Ookami told us about this exhibition just a few days before the openning. And we immediately decided "to paticipate!!!". We found some works in our personal collections for the contest. And, frankly speaking they "made" this two categories because of the unpopularity of this theme among harsh stand modelers.

Tuesday 6 November 2012

At the end of the road. WIP.

And this is another one my WIP - ork biker.  And I would ask again to comment it again and may be give some ideas for filling this base by more details (there is no much activity in my previous wip - Wolf den, but I still hope for it :))

Thursday 1 November 2012

Wolf Den. WIP

   This is my work in the Serpentarium's project called "Ashan-Tyr". We(RRR)'re planning to create some kind of tutorial of painting the Confrontation mini Ashan-Tyr in approximately the same color scheme but by different ways/painters. I hope it will be really interesting! So stay tuned!
   Now I'm on the stage of creating a base for it. I've decided to create a small diorama "Wolf Den". This tree will be a background for two minis - Ashan-Tyr and Varghar. I think that the tree must be dark and dead with a wolf den inside it. 
   And I want to ask you to comment it before I'll set a plants. What do you think about it? What can I change or add? May be there are some solutions to do it better, may be no :).  All your comments and recommendation will be listened and I'll try to think about it. One head is well but two - are better. And I'll be really appretiate for all your meanings.