Thursday 30 August 2018


A few days ago I painted new KD girlю
Her name is Fade and she has the newborn child. It is so tiny and sweet-sweet-sweet! It was funny to paint his so small face.

We are returned! Sigismund and Abaddon close ups

Some Abaddon and Sigismund close up photos from "We are returned!" duel. I hope you see difference it their paint schemes. I tried to do Sigismund more bright and clear using the white (ivory) and gold NMM in his color. Abaddon is contrary darker and more aggressive by using reds and bronze/copper NMM. 

Wednesday 29 August 2018

"We are returned!" Duel of Sigismund and Abaddon for Golden Demоn Europe 2018

The main idea for this duel was the scene from the Aaron Dembski-Bowden novel "The Black Legion"
After reading the novel, I also found many a few allusions to the duel of Horus and the Emperor and decided to implement them. So the idea of the base only remotely resembles the Sigismund's throne room on the "Eternal Crusader", but much more like the throne room of Horus on "Vengeful Spirit" from the illustration of Adrian Smith (Horus vs Emperor) 2004. But the position of the miniatures on the base is closer to illustration's classical variant of 1990.
 In order to translate my idea, I had to convert both models, especially Sigismund. I changed the position of his legs and made a new lower part of the tabbard in order to adapt the miniature to the desired scene. I also needed to change the visual component of Sigismund, to remove it from the original model of the Heresy times. Since the Black Templars are much more similar to the knightly medieval orders, I blinded Sigismund's belt and added a couple of relics. In addition, I replaced the head with a more suitable one.
Abaddon's conversion consisted in changing the position of the hands and adding the Talon of Horus from the eponymous miniature. In addition, minor changes in the decoration of the armor were made.
When choosing painting schemes, I had to unite the miniatures on one side, showing their similarity, on the other, visually divide them. To do this, the dominant color of the armor was made in the same recipe, but the additional colors differed from each other
So Sigismund turned out in the scheme black-white-gold, with a small amount of red elements, while Abaddon - black-red-copper.
All the elements of color schemes are somehow already described in our blog, so they will not be something new for you.
P.S. and I was very happy to take silver in the duel category with this entry

Saturday 25 August 2018

the Red Crow in the yellow pack

 Techmarine "Red Crow" Harkane of the Marines Malevolent 3rd Company. That was a great pleasure to do a this techmarine conversion. Also I am very glad to test my "Red metallic" armor scheme one more time.

Friday 24 August 2018

Sigismund's black armor recipe

The time of Friday's painting recipes! I already wrote about my experiments with black on the example of Krieg's engineer (, but for Sigismund I decided to try something new. I needed a brighter and more contrasting version of black.

The base mix was a mixture of Black (Vallejo Model Color) and Falcon Turquoise (Vallejo Game Color), where I gradually added more Falcon Turquoise.

When the mixture began to go strongly into turquoise, I began to add a first Sky Blue (Pacific88 Art-Color), and then Iraqui Sand (Vallejo Model Color)

Since the armor was painted as "black metallic", that is, according to the principles of the NMM, I took a mixture of black and FT, for reflexes, much more turquoise.

Also, to increase the contrast, I walked through the shadows with a liquid diluted black paint, and also made light glazes Hexed Lichen (Vallejo Game Color).

Sigismund Preview

Wednesday 15 August 2018

Veteran Sergeant Lorkar

At last, the first marine from M&M's marines project is done. Veteran sergeant Lorkar from Marines Malevolent 3rd company.