Friday, 24 August 2018

Sigismund's black armor recipe

The time of Friday's painting recipes! I already wrote about my experiments with black on the example of Krieg's engineer (, but for Sigismund I decided to try something new. I needed a brighter and more contrasting version of black.

The base mix was a mixture of Black (Vallejo Model Color) and Falcon Turquoise (Vallejo Game Color), where I gradually added more Falcon Turquoise.

When the mixture began to go strongly into turquoise, I began to add a first Sky Blue (Pacific88 Art-Color), and then Iraqui Sand (Vallejo Model Color)

Since the armor was painted as "black metallic", that is, according to the principles of the NMM, I took a mixture of black and FT, for reflexes, much more turquoise.

Also, to increase the contrast, I walked through the shadows with a liquid diluted black paint, and also made light glazes Hexed Lichen (Vallejo Game Color).

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