Tuesday 26 May 2015

Step-by-step. PENTHESILEA. Part 1

Больше года назад я покрасила прекрасную девицу из Алефа - Пентесилею.
И обещала сделать стэп-бай-стэп по работе с этой миниатюрой.
Текста немного, сплошные картинки. )))
One year ago I painted Penthesilea (Aleph, Infinity). 
And I promised to do step-by-step about this work.
More pics, less text )))

Сегодня будет  Часть Первая - Мотоцикл.
Today will be Part One - Motorcycle.

Friday 22 May 2015

Ainariël, Elf Hunter

This project started about 1 year ago with me and Marina (Ringil). We decided to paint two girls by Andrea and made a step-by-step tutorial about it. We wanted to show different techniques on similiar miniatures.
  Two parts of tutorial were written and then we stuck because of lack of time and so on. I can only say that this third (final) stage was the most difficult to me. I couldn't choose a color for cloak and other details. I repainted the cloak three times!! and this was very tediously. 
   You can read two parts of our tutorial here:

Ainariël, Elf Hunter, and Arlith, Silent Shadow. Part 1. (skin and face)

Ainariël, Elf Hunter, and Arlith, Silent Shadow. Part 2. (leather)

And  now my finished Ainariël:

Saturday 2 May 2015

Hellsmith v1.2

A short introduction to the problem
Initially, these miniatures produced as Event Only Forge World in 2011. It just so happened that my only visit to the Golden Demon was in the same year, and I bought a couple of these guys (three, to be exact). One of them was painted for me by Kirill Kanaev, who is also painted  the second. But then my skill of persuasion ended. However, even at this point, I decided that these models very nice and I need to buy bit  more (thank you, Grim). And more. and more.
When the amount of purchased Hellsmiths beginning to approach the ten, the question arose what to do with them. The answer came at once: paint them!
But seriously, for me, this is almost perfect miniatures: small, easy to paint, limited, and they are chaos dwarfs. Actually them I decided to search for the philosopher's stone on these zwergs. I hope I have enough six attempts.