About us

   We are the Russian miniatures paintists. All we live in Moscow, Russia. We met two years ago and since that time often met to discuss our activities and events in the world of miniatures. Not so long time ago a decision to establish a collective resource was born in our heads. There we will publish our collective projects, communicate and discuss our plans together. Thus our Serpentarium was born.

  And now a little bit more information about each of us:



Talentless engineer and miniature painter.

I belive, miniatures can tell their own stories...


  1. Dear Ladies and Gentlemen!

    May one be so bold as to enquire whether you accept orders for commission work? In case you do, you might want to create the respective 'Commissions' and 'Contact' tabs at the top of the page or even better, an independent website that is not based on Blogger, trivial chatworks, WordPress or the like, but a normal world wide web address. At the very least, those of us whom your work leaves in awe will need an e-mail address to which we can send pictures of figures, colour schemes, etc., so your team can discuss possibilities and prices with those of us who admire your work.

    Please think about it, ;-)

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