Monday 31 December 2018

Manifaux Mondays #91: Anna Lovelace

This in very interesting and characterful miniature. It git a lot of fun while paint this one. In think I'll do a bronze version of her clockwork dress in the future.

Monday 24 December 2018

Malifaux Monday #90: Shieldbearer 1/3

Let us return to the Malifaux Mondays. Here is one of Reva’s shield bearers. The miniatures from this set not so interestning for painting as majority of Malifaux, their simplicity is not compensated by their character, like, for example, Master Queeg or an alternative sergeant. So I decided to do a little freehand to liven up the miniature a bit.

Friday 21 December 2018

One more Iron Warriors legionnaire

Legionnaire Teur is an example of the Iron Warriors. Just a faceless killing machine, without any  remarkable features. But he is survive long enough to get an appointment to the third company. Born on a same planet as veteran sergeant Teron so he would be the first candidate to lead squad if Teron become the centurion.

One more Iron Warriors legionnaire attached to the XCV Grand Battalion. Second in this year and third to the current Tactical Squad. I think there is a visible step forward in quality thanks to the experiments with maodern style of the NMM

Saturday 15 December 2018


Meet  Inquisitor Marc Greenshpon from Ordo Xenos and his friend Walter the Servoskull.

Sunday 2 December 2018

Chaos Warrior Bust

My first painted bust - a chaos warrior bust boxart for Micromancer miniatures. This was graet experience so I hope to paint some busts in 2019.

Monday 26 November 2018

Friday 23 November 2018

13th zwerg

 One more chaos dwarf to my chaos dwarf army. On this model I tested the new bronze NMM scheme based on Pacific88  paints.

Thursday 15 November 2018

Training Custodes miniature

This is training Custudes piece I started to get a practice in new for my style of the golden NMM just before start painting of Trajann Valoris. So this mini was half painted for several weeks before I got enough time to finish the model.
I was very enjoyed by the process of painting Custodes so I plan to paint some of them in the next year. Characters and a dreadnought perhaps.
I hope you like the result as much I like the process.

Friday 9 November 2018

Ruby Hood

This bust by Altores Studio. I did only few small conversions (mask, necklace, gloves and arrows). 
Ruby's tunic painting pattern was inspired by camouflage, play of light and shadow in forest and watermelon ))) And a little bit of fucksmothness touches. Hope you like it! 

This bust is for sale. 

Tuesday 30 October 2018

Trajann Valoris

The current Captain-General of the Adeptus Custodes, all in red and gold. I decided to do this model in the modern style of NMM. To do this, I looked at many works of Michal Pisarski (aka Lan) and his followers as refs. For the basis of the color scheme, I took the one that was used by Lan to paint Ixion Hale, but gradually I replaced all the paints with others and added orange in the shadows.

The fact is that for my taste absolutely matte paints are not very well suited for NMM, because IMHO the lack of gloss a bit spoils the feeling of NMM, if we consider the model live (not in the glass cabinet).

Therefore, I used the colors of Pacific88 for the gold NMM, and I made rags based on Andrea and Scalecolor paints, since in this case the matt is a plus.

Separately, I want to note that I really liked the process of painting the lion head, since it is fairly well sculpted and also has a smooth texture. So it was a pleasure to paint it.

In general, I really liked to paint Custodes, so that next year I plan to do several similar works with other heroes and/or dreadnoughts especially if there will be another Golden Demon Europe

Monday 29 October 2018

Monday 22 October 2018

More golden NMM suffering

 Golden NMM suffering is continues. I did some progress on the Valoris body and the base. Some parts are fully repainted, some - reworked. And now I call this part done.

Friday 19 October 2018

Pinup Survivor 2.0

My second painting on this beautiful Survivor girl from Kingdom death.
The first version you can find here.

Monday 15 October 2018

Malifaux Monday#88: Katanaka sniper v.3

This Malifaux Monday is already the third version of the Katanaka sniper by Ravenswood. Launched and abandoned halfway back last year, he finally waited for his turn to finish. Now, of course, I would paint it a little differently, it’s good that I have one more)

More golden NMM tests

More Trajann Valoris WIPs and more Ravenswood's golden NMM suffering. I think I am on the way of understanding of the modern NMM painting style

Sunday 14 October 2018


Small, green and angry (who knows) - Ophelia LaCroix from Malifaux gremlins.
The crocodile was sculpted by my with Tamiya Epoxy Putty.

Thursday 11 October 2018

Helga an Craite

 Suddenly "Helga" from Klukva miniatures ! But we know what she is none other than Cerys an Craite from Witcher 3!

Monday 8 October 2018

Malifaux Monday #87

 And here is alternative Bishop. Firstly I wanted yo paint him as Lobo but lately I changed the decision to moкe classical Malifaux theme. Maybe next time I'll do a second version as Lobo.

Golden NMM tests

 This is some golden NMM tests before Trajann Valoris armor painting

Saturday 6 October 2018

Trajann Valoris base

Trajann Valoris base WIP. I am not 100% satisfied by OSL and some details. What do you think?

Saturday 29 September 2018

Grumlok & Gazbag

 Grumlok & Gazbag is a very strange miniature. Honestly it more looks like the brick of the white metal mocking up the orc and the goblin. Also is is one of the kind of the "flat" miniatures where only two informative views exist. So there is only front and rear pictures and a face close up to see the watching eye.

Sunday 16 September 2018

Viking Warlord

The renowned "lonely historical miniature" from MD'18. The Viking Warlord converted from Alfred the Great (Gripping Best). My first and highly likely last painted Saga miniature. For sale now.

Sunday 9 September 2018

Marines Malevolent part two: the troopers

I did this Marines Malevolent squad as Golden Demon Europe entry. I tried to represent my feelings after readingNick Kyme (Author) Marines Malevolent short stories. I didn't want to represent these marines exactly as written but my senses of them. Also I tried to personalize every marine, do anyone different from the others.

I am very hope that I did this work well.

CMON voting link: overall view
CMON voting link: close ups

Marines Malevolent, part one: characters

I did this Marines Malevolent squad as Golden Demon Europe entry. I tried to represent my feelings after readingNick Kyme (Author) Marines Malevolent short stories. I didn't want to represent these marines exactly as written but my senses of them. Also I tried to personalize every marine, do anyone different from the others.

I am very hope that I did this work well.

CMON voting link: overall view
CMON voting link: close ups

Wednesday 5 September 2018

Painting yellow armor (for whom who don't have an airbrush like me)

When painting the Marines Malevolent, I encountered a small problem: the way I paint usually was not suitable for painting yellow armor. Usually I go from dark to light through a lot of layers, but in this case it gave a sad result, since yellow is very difficult to work with. I tried to go from light to dark, but it gave too little depth and color saturation.

In the end, I decided on the method used by a fairly large number of painters: I did a contrasting underpainting and then painted on it.
So, at first, I covered the black undercoat with a layer of Khaki (Vallejo Game Color) [Fig. 1] and then made base mixes for underpainting. For this purpose I used Brown, Dark Tangerine and Yellow from Pacific88 Art-Color.
I divided these mixtures into three parts: for shades the mix of brown + dark tangerine, for lights - dark tangerine + yellow, and something mean for the middle. With the help of these mixtures I made the underpainting [Fig. 2]

The next task was to make the transitions smoother. I started with light areas. For this, I first made a few glazes with a mixture of yellow and dark tangerine made several openings on the borders of the underpainting to blur them. After that, I used pure yellow to brighten the lightest areas, and finally all those openings blurred the boundaries remaining after the highlighting [Fig. 3]

Then I started to use shadows in a similar manner, only using brown and dark tangerine with different proportions for glazing. [Fig. 4]
After smooth transitions, I needed to increase the contrast. To do this, I first made extreme highlights with a mixture of yellow and pearl white (Pacific88 Art-Color), after which I made them glazed by clear yellow, so as not to lose color. And, finally, once again, a mixture of yellow and pearly white, but thinner and more accurate [Fig. 5]

And, finally, I drew additional details of black and battle damage by the brown and a mixture of yellow and pearly white [Fig. 6]
For reference, a color track and used colors are attached. And as bonus for whom who don't have a P88 paints: the alternative variant with more common paints used. It do a little less color depth but looks very similar.

Monday 3 September 2018

Forsaker pinup

And again new one Kingdom death miniature - Forsaker pinup.
I painted her skintone with some red color. It reminds me red clay pot )))
Also you can find easy step-by-step for fur effect imitation on a flat surface. You need a brush with a sharp tip (wet condition) only.

Thursday 30 August 2018


A few days ago I painted new KD girlю
Her name is Fade and she has the newborn child. It is so tiny and sweet-sweet-sweet! It was funny to paint his so small face.

We are returned! Sigismund and Abaddon close ups

Some Abaddon and Sigismund close up photos from "We are returned!" duel. I hope you see difference it their paint schemes. I tried to do Sigismund more bright and clear using the white (ivory) and gold NMM in his color. Abaddon is contrary darker and more aggressive by using reds and bronze/copper NMM. 

Wednesday 29 August 2018

"We are returned!" Duel of Sigismund and Abaddon for Golden Demоn Europe 2018

The main idea for this duel was the scene from the Aaron Dembski-Bowden novel "The Black Legion"
After reading the novel, I also found many a few allusions to the duel of Horus and the Emperor and decided to implement them. So the idea of the base only remotely resembles the Sigismund's throne room on the "Eternal Crusader", but much more like the throne room of Horus on "Vengeful Spirit" from the illustration of Adrian Smith (Horus vs Emperor) 2004. But the position of the miniatures on the base is closer to illustration's classical variant of 1990.
 In order to translate my idea, I had to convert both models, especially Sigismund. I changed the position of his legs and made a new lower part of the tabbard in order to adapt the miniature to the desired scene. I also needed to change the visual component of Sigismund, to remove it from the original model of the Heresy times. Since the Black Templars are much more similar to the knightly medieval orders, I blinded Sigismund's belt and added a couple of relics. In addition, I replaced the head with a more suitable one.
Abaddon's conversion consisted in changing the position of the hands and adding the Talon of Horus from the eponymous miniature. In addition, minor changes in the decoration of the armor were made.
When choosing painting schemes, I had to unite the miniatures on one side, showing their similarity, on the other, visually divide them. To do this, the dominant color of the armor was made in the same recipe, but the additional colors differed from each other
So Sigismund turned out in the scheme black-white-gold, with a small amount of red elements, while Abaddon - black-red-copper.
All the elements of color schemes are somehow already described in our blog, so they will not be something new for you.
P.S. and I was very happy to take silver in the duel category with this entry

Saturday 25 August 2018

the Red Crow in the yellow pack

 Techmarine "Red Crow" Harkane of the Marines Malevolent 3rd Company. That was a great pleasure to do a this techmarine conversion. Also I am very glad to test my "Red metallic" armor scheme one more time.

Friday 24 August 2018

Sigismund's black armor recipe

The time of Friday's painting recipes! I already wrote about my experiments with black on the example of Krieg's engineer (, but for Sigismund I decided to try something new. I needed a brighter and more contrasting version of black.

The base mix was a mixture of Black (Vallejo Model Color) and Falcon Turquoise (Vallejo Game Color), where I gradually added more Falcon Turquoise.

When the mixture began to go strongly into turquoise, I began to add a first Sky Blue (Pacific88 Art-Color), and then Iraqui Sand (Vallejo Model Color)

Since the armor was painted as "black metallic", that is, according to the principles of the NMM, I took a mixture of black and FT, for reflexes, much more turquoise.

Also, to increase the contrast, I walked through the shadows with a liquid diluted black paint, and also made light glazes Hexed Lichen (Vallejo Game Color).