Monday 24 September 2012

Acolyte of December

This mini have a hard story. When I start to collect "Cult of December" crew for Malifaux this mini be one of first brought and first based and primed. And I tryed to paint it at first time. And I fail.

My crew is growing I played in Malifaux and also brought the second acolyte. When I started paint this mini at second time I choose paint scheme of CoO Revee Hunter with nice freehands. And I fail again.

I selled off major part of "December" crew and rebuilded it. So it will be time to tryed paint this acolyte again. I choose another painting scheme from amaizing Ringil's Chaos Champion. And when I fail again I stopped playing and paintig this crew

So two weeks before this moment I collect all "December" minis and I started paint this acolyte one last time.

So at the fourth time since two years from the first try I DID IT!

Sunday 23 September 2012

Forest Dragon. WIP. THE TREE =)

Hello again!
Work still in progress, but some new fotos.
The skeleton of tree:

The tree is almost painted, want add some OSL.

So, any suggestions? )

Monday 17 September 2012

Zwerg change

I highly want to improve quality of my future Chaos Dwarf army. So I upgraded painting scheme on my four zwerg. I use black/orange base for 'bronze' armour instead of black/green. Also I add little dot of blue to the base color of the scale armour and completely change rust and patina painting scheme.
Also I do little experiments when I paint leather parts.

Yep, I know what I paint only four zwergs for half year. It's sad but I hope paint it faster in future.
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Monday 10 September 2012


I guess, I found mr. Murphy here, in Malifaux. But he is already dead, murdered I think. I absolutely have no idea who can did this terrible things with him.
I has been greatly scared then mr. Murphy's body stand up and walked upon the street. But I take some shots on my camera before I run away.
Here is it

Thursday 6 September 2012

Tuesday 4 September 2012

Serpentarium's activity

   Some days ago, September, 1st, our Serpentarium has a meeting. We are not looking so scary, isn't it? 
From left to right:  Ringil, River, Zubr, Ravenswood, Ookami.
   Ok, we discussed our plans, cooperative progects, organisation guestions (all as adults :)), shared our new works and just had a great time! Plans to rule the world! =)
   I'm sure that soon we will please our followers by our new works and interesting projects! Just follow us!
  And here we are one or two yers ago (I don't remember): one of the first meetings