Saturday 28 November 2015

Clio and Erato

These girls are so charming!I painted this scene for Blacksmith miniatures painting contest
It was great pleasure to work with Patrick Masson sculpts. Heroins are from Veneri Blu pictures.

Do you see story?

My version is undercut.

These are my thoughts and meanings in this scene.
May be you see another.
It can b interesting (hope not only for me) to read your versions.
Please write comments with your stories :) I will waiting for it

Tuesday 24 November 2015

Fury. The Dragon.

Little present for my Muse. Fury. The Dragon. ;)

Ran and Felin

I start this creature just like an experiment. So i think he is a person now, a person with companion)

Monday 23 November 2015


Wonderful sculpt by Anastasiya Podorozhna for Alexandros Models based on Kitagava Utamaro's print.
I painted this beauty last spring for Bananalishious 2, but win nothing.
It s my first flat miniature and it was very interesting experience. Now I want to paint some another flats with japanese beauties (from Alexandros Models or PiliPili Miniatures)
Some interesting information about 4 print versions (only on russian languuge)

I sale this flat.
If you want to buy it please mail on 

Monday 16 November 2015

Doctor Von X and her Project №7

5 o'clock tea with croissant or may be new experiment with laboratory cat?
Hard choice for her.

Pretty Doctor Von X from Iron Empire (TGG1, Raging Heroes)
Cat from Reaper blister with Old Crazy Woman.

Sunday 15 November 2015

12th zwerg

12th zwerg for my regiment and only second it this year. Regardless that I now a full time painter, I have very little time to paint for myself. From the other side now I have big practice of painting and my skill grow faster. 

Tuesday 10 November 2015

Katrina Zerga box art

Good news, everyone! I am very happy to introduce to you my first box art piece for Raging Heroes. I painted Katenka in February and it was my test paintwork for this company. From that time I already painted over 50 miniatures for Raging Heroes.

P.S, many many thanks to Marina ""Ringil" who painted her face 

Sunday 1 November 2015

Le nain rouge (Chaos dwarf Belegar)

This is my little improvisation on the theme "Belegar the chaos dwarf" as a commission painting for a CDO forum member. This miniature came to me by chance, cause we talked about another painting commission but this theme was a challenge for me. Be agreement with the customer, I did a some conversion work and painted with "red and gold" scheme

Небольшая импровизация на тему "Белегар - гном хаоса". Эта миниатюра ра попала ко мне случайно, и по договоренности с заказчиком я немного изменил её и покрасил с тему "красный и золото"