Sunday, 1 November 2015

Le nain rouge (Chaos dwarf Belegar)

This is my little improvisation on the theme "Belegar the chaos dwarf" as a commission painting for a CDO forum member. This miniature came to me by chance, cause we talked about another painting commission but this theme was a challenge for me. Be agreement with the customer, I did a some conversion work and painted with "red and gold" scheme

Небольшая импровизация на тему "Белегар - гном хаоса". Эта миниатюра ра попала ко мне случайно, и по договоренности с заказчиком я немного изменил её и покрасил с тему "красный и золото"

I tried paint this mini  in contrast between the cold red armor and warm gold trim , and a smooth armor surface and much textured cloak and details.

Я пострарался постоить эту работу на контрасте холодного  красного на броне с элементами теплого золота, и так же гладкой поверхности брони и сильно текстурированых плаща и неметаллических элементов.

For red armor, I used my favorite reds from Vallejo model color: burnt cad red, carmine red, red (bermellon) and scarlet (plus black and white of course)
Also I used red from Andrea for glazing the armour to  minimize the rose surface
For gold - scorched brown and bubonic brown by GW

Для брони я использовал свои любимые красные от Вальехо и красный от Андреа для глазировки
Для золота - скорчед и бубоник от ГВ

P.S many thanks to Kirill Kanaev , who sculpted the big hat to this dwarf :)

З.Ы, огромное спасибо Кириллу, который слепил для этого цверга шлем :)


  1. Awesome details on 'Le nain Rouge', well done!

  2. For long time I couldn't match, where I could see these pose? And in the meddle of page - I can see: he came to the Dark Side!
    Wonderful work as ever. I'd like my zwerg army would look this way.
    But shoudn't there be more scratches on the shield

  3. Красный щииикаарен!

  4. Hello,
    I find the beard of your dwarf really bad ass, do you have a tutorial for it ?

    1. Unfortunately not but I think I can do a chaos dwarf face and beard tutorial

    2. It would be great !! Your beard is exactly what I search for my Chaos Dwarves (don't like the beard of the forgeworld models...)