Wednesday 27 January 2016

Dark Cave Beauty

This tiny miniature is limited edition Female Sorceress from Darksword Miniatures.
Tom Meier is very delicate sculptor. Most of his green ladies are small but so detailed. And it was big pleasure for me to work with another one miniature from him.
At the beginning i had some diffrent ideas - about some conversions and about yellow dress.
But owner banned any conversion (because it is limited edition version). It was sad a little bit - i wanted to do long train for dress. But idea with black goo with some worms is not bad too. And so nurglish.
On wip picture you can see that i painted variant with yellow dress, but it was not looked good with skin tones. So i repainted it in purple. As i see now this color a little bit unsaturated.
One of main idea was about two sides of the coin. And some beauties also have another - darker or weird - side.
What do you know about women's hidden secrets?

Wednesday 20 January 2016

Chaos sorcerer (gd 2010)

Interesting miniature of chaos sorcerer (Games Day 2010). 
Purple-purple-purple colors everywhere ))) and a little bit of gold.



Saturday 9 January 2016

Captain Sapo

My husband bought this bust about two years ago on MSS 2013. He was very impressed and asked me to paint it for him.
I tried to paint bust 5 times and always was not satisfied with color scheme. And only this variant was finished )))