Saturday, 28 November 2015

Clio and Erato

These girls are so charming!I painted this scene for Blacksmith miniatures painting contest
It was great pleasure to work with Patrick Masson sculpts. Heroins are from Veneri Blu pictures.

Do you see story?

My version is undercut.

These are my thoughts and meanings in this scene.
May be you see another.
It can b interesting (hope not only for me) to read your versions.
Please write comments with your stories :) I will waiting for it

I wanted to do scene with metaphorical meaning and some symbolic elements.

While working on diorama I thought about growing up, opportunities and fears. What can it give? And what courage does it need?

In my version Erato is older Clio. She has already embarked on the road from childhood to maturity. And she knows something about this not straight path. Now she knows there are no simple "black and white" stories or meanings. And her hairs are colorful.
Clio is younger. And she full of fears, because she don't understand what is going on with herself or with reality.
Behind them are old teddy-bear, black-and-white and pink pillows from childhood. Plant is acarpous. It has not much soil in small pot.
In front of them strange and incredible flowing paint streams and it are coloring not only floor but living children's drawning on walls.
Both girls are standing face to face with something unknown and uncontrolled. Clio wants to "kill" it. But Erato tries to calm down Clio. 
There is very important thing in Erato's sculpting. I see in her pose and in right hand movement that she not agressive.  Conversely she is very quiet (but strong), empathetic and compassionate. She can give support and help. So she is stopping Clio's hand with gun.
Their eyes are closed. And most of the experience is in inner reality. 

Some wips:

Bonus photo: with zombi chihua (painted by Kirill)


  1. Beautiful job, love these colors and your creative work!

  2. That is one hell of a georgeous paint Job...and the back Story is great as well.

    1. Thank you. It was not easy but very important for me try to tell this story in miniatures )))

  3. An extremely beautiful piece and back stories are always great for a painted piece. I feel that they add so much more to the piece and at the same time inspires the artist to create a higher level of art as you have done here.