Monday, 24 September 2012

Acolyte of December

This mini have a hard story. When I start to collect "Cult of December" crew for Malifaux this mini be one of first brought and first based and primed. And I tryed to paint it at first time. And I fail.

My crew is growing I played in Malifaux and also brought the second acolyte. When I started paint this mini at second time I choose paint scheme of CoO Revee Hunter with nice freehands. And I fail again.

I selled off major part of "December" crew and rebuilded it. So it will be time to tryed paint this acolyte again. I choose another painting scheme from amaizing Ringil's Chaos Champion. And when I fail again I stopped playing and paintig this crew

So two weeks before this moment I collect all "December" minis and I started paint this acolyte one last time.

So at the fourth time since two years from the first try I DID IT!


  1. Brutal guy! But were is nano-fotki?)

    1. No nano-photo before I reach 2nd hundred on CMON rating or win something :-P

  2. Wow these are amazingly done! So what if you failed so many times, the end result is just brilliant and you should be proud of it. We learn when we fail yet don't give up.

  3. Wow.. It look so beautiful. Though it took you a long time but you finally have made a masterpiece. So, well tried.

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