Monday, 11 June 2018

Traitor Librarian part 5: Burn Fire Burn!

The last part of the Traitor-Librarian project log will be devoted to the fire demon and glow effects.
The first thing that I would like to note is that the fire and all sorts of similar effects are better drawn on a light undercoat. Because I primed miniature with black, I need to do a layer of the light undercoat. I used Khaki (VGC), but in principle, any extra opaque light colors would work.

Usually, I paint from dark to light, and it can be difficult for me to change to another method of painting. So I chose a compromise option: first cover everything among the middle color, and then go both ways. As an basic middle color, I chose Scrofulous Brown (VGC).
It should be noted that painting a flame is a rare case when I do not make a color transition, but paint with pure colors or individual mixtures of them.

For the highlight of the base color, I used Dark Tangerine and Yellow from Pacific88 and Ice Yellow (VMC)
For darkening - Scarlet (VMC), Flat Red (Andrea) and a mixture of Flat Red and black.
The tips of the horns and  flames on the demon's head are painted purely black, also I put some dot of pure Ice Blue to simulate sparks.

To do some reflexes from fire, I used Scarlet and Flat Red, adding, if necessary, Dark Tangerine.

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