Tuesday 5 June 2018

Malifaux Monday #86: Emeline Bellerose

Today is Monday. Malifaux Monday )))
At this time I painted a Victorian lady named Emeline Bellerose.
Very nice miniature in my own opinion. It was pleasant and quick to work with it. Except perhaps for this strange frill, which is decorated with her skirts. The relief is too small to paint as a fold and too large and not smooth just to make small strips.
I wanted to make a strict and with a very discreet colors lady. Therefore, I used few colors. Mostly black, purple and "the hipster pink" Light flesh" (V), which I use instead of white paint. Plus few drops of pale skin tone, beige for hair and emerald for feathers on the bonnet. Now I reflect, how this lady could look if I choose milky, sand and gold colors for her dress.

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