Saturday, 12 May 2018

Traitor Librarian project, part 2 - the Base

This part of the project log will cover painting the base. I was going to make it a bit darker than previous versions, so that the glow from the flame, which I will do later, looked more convincing. Since I have not yet decided what color this flame will be, then I will draw reflexes closer to the end of the project.


First I covered the entire base with a mixture of black and Dark Fleshtone (Vallejo Game Color) when rudely highlighted the base by adding a little more Dark Fleshtone. I made further highlightings with the help of the drybrush technique, gradually highlight the more protruding parts of the stand first with a pure Flat Brown (Vallejo Model Color), then with adding to mixture the Skrag Brown (Citadel Layer), then  XV-88 (Citadel Base) and finally Iraqui Sand (Vallejo Model Color).

After the basic painting was finished, I started applying a pigment on the base and making color glazes. As a pigment, I used Burnt Siena (Vallejo Pigments),  the based glazed with Black Green and Violet inks (both Vallejo Game Ink games) and heavily diluted paints Hawk Turquoise and Hexed Lichen (both Vallejo Game Color games). When the glazing was finished, I once again restored the highlights with a light drybrush mixture of XV-88 and Iraqui Sand.

The basic color for the skulls was a mixture of US Olive Drab (Vallejo Model Color) and Ochre Brown (Pacific88 Art Color), which, when lit up, I added Earth (Vallejo GameColor), then Iraqui Sand and, in the final stage, Pearl White (Pacific88 Arti Color).

The candles were completely painted with a mixture of US Olive Drab and Earth, first the Medium Gray (Vallejo Model Color) and then the Pearl White were added.

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