Wednesday, 23 May 2018

Traitor Librarian part 3: NMM

Since in the previous project the part with the HMM was fairly well disclosed, I will only allow myself to describe the changes in the recipes regarding the previous variants.
The main change in the steel NMM  was the refusal to use my beloved German Cam. Black Brown from Vallejo due to the poor quality of this paint. Alas, the last two pots purchased were not good enough for use and I had to look for a replacement. As a replacement, I used a very dark mixture of Reddish Brown from Pacific88 and black. All other colors remained unchanged.

In the bronze NMM , I replaced the Dark Red-Brown with Flash shade 2 (both Pacific88), and also reduced the saturation of orange color in reflexes and additional lights, in comparison with the previous variants. Also I added a little purple in the shade (here and further Hexed Lichen).
Orange bronze (on the back) has not changed since the original version.


I divided the staff into three parts: I made the upper part lighter and yellow, the middle part - less yellow and more contrast, the lower one - more brown, with violet shadows and the most contrasting.

As a undercoat, I used the Reddish Brown (Pacific88 Art Color), mixing it and Scrofulous Brown (Vallejo Game Color) for the base shade. Next, I highlighted it, first adding a little Scrofulous Brown, and then to a pure Gold Brown (Vallejo Model Color). In the last stages, a bit of Yellow (Pacific88 Art Color) was added to Gold Brown, after which this mixture was highlighted by Pearl White (Pacific88 Art Color). The glare is set to pure Pearl White, then with the help of Scrofulous Brown, I removed the excess yellowness where I did not need it.

In this recipe, Pearl White can be replaced with Ice Yellow (Vallejo Model Color) and Yellow with Sol Yellow (Scalecolor).

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