Monday, 29 January 2018

Malifaux Monday #74: Kirai

Let's dilute Ravenswood's dominance in Malifaux Mondays!
Here is Kirai.What can I say more about her?...
It's very dynamic miniature. First of all, flying hairs and fluttering clothes emphasize it. Rhythmic folds also working on this feeling.
I decided to choose my favorite purple instead usual yellow color for Kirai. At this time I took not pure Purple (Vallejo) for pants and shirt but muffled it with black or black/white mix. Due to this, in my opinion, the skin became more lively. Also, lime green looks very good, and, it seems to me, this sufficient contrast combination of diluted violet and light green still does not pull attention from the face or scissors. (I wonder what she does with these scissors on the game?)

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