Friday, 5 January 2018

Brunette byzantine head by Alfons Maria Mucha

It is my second flat figure (bust).
At last, I finished it. I started to paint this flat bust more than a year and a half ago, I made 90% of painting in the summer before last and got stuck. And I finished it only at the end of December by forcing myself to sit down and finish off. Well, the stand (base "frame", how to call this backdrop correctly) has definitely helped. Has received the made-to-order thing and already a sin was not finished painting.
The bust was presented to me by Sergey "Ookami" Gusev after his travel to Ingolstadt, which I was very happy about. I really like the work of Mucha, and here I also have a very good sculpture. Thanks to Ookami for the opportunity to work with such an interesting form.


  1. so beautiful. I really need to tackle those pili pili flatz i bought a while back...