Friday 13 July 2018

A quick dark leather recipe

Long time since we had no recipes. There is something to share, but the total lack of free time affects :-(
Here is a small recipe for "leather" products of small size, pouches etc.
Basically now I use browns and oranges from Pacific88 Art Color for this, but now I was asked to do it based on Vallejo / Citadel.

base - black + Dark Fleshtone (Vallejo Game Color)
highlights gradually adding Flat Brown (Vallejo Model Color) to the pure
then Flat Brown highlights with the addition of Skrag Brown (Citadel Layer)
add a very little Scrofulous Brown (VGC) and highlight up using Iraqui Sand (VMC).
At the end, we paint the little lines with a semi-transparent Iraqui Sand.

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