Wednesday, 15 November 2017

Flower Witch 2.0

There is second version of Kingdom Death Flower witch I painted.
First version you can watch here.

At this time I chose very minimalistic color scheme for this miniature unlike the previous time. So few clear colors for some details do good work for focusing our attention on it.
The light grey mask is doing the same work.
You can find painting recipe for skin below.



Few words about base.
I did tiled floor with thin plastic. Plants were sculpted with Tamiya Epoxy Putty.
For painting I used all the same colors that were on miniature - mostly Black and Light Flesh. And Magenta for flowers.

Painting recipe for skin.
Black and Light Flesh -  50/50 for  base.
After it I add mixed Light Flesh + Ratskin Flesh. And so on as you see on picture below.
For finishing I used mix of Black and Royal Purple with lining and glazing techniqes.

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