Thursday, 24 November 2016

Dedicated to HoMM. "Green".

Some foto "from the table" during the process. Hope you find it interesting. :)  

Most of the work has gone on a griffin, I can say it is the main thing in this project.
Although posture griffin turned quickly enough, a lot of time was spent on bringing it to more or less anatomically correct type. 

Starting work on the wings with feathers was a little scary. It was hardly imagine the amount of work required. But in the end everything turned out quite well. I like the result. Yes, now I have changed a lot, but it's natural. )

Work on the "air staff " was quite easy. Work with the quality images, as the entire game art is, one continuous pleasure. About a week on each character, excluding small, but a lot of addons.


The base is located in this form. The main idea was to emphasize the "playing field" on which there are characters stand. Each stands on its "hex", the moves performed strictly on them also.

In plan i want to increase this work, so... stay tuned! ;)
And thanks for your attention! 

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