Monday 10 October 2016

Malifaux Monday #20: Miss Anne Thorpe

Hey-hey! today is monday. Malifaux monday. But it is  not Ravenswood )))
Under cut you can find not only Anne photos but few painting recipes about her skin and clothes.





Few words about painting process.
As you see I wanted to paint Anne near art and in very restrained color scheme. So I used not mush colors for it. (and dont used purple))) )

After assembly I used old GW foundation paint Tallarn Flesh for priming.

Colors for skin. Base (and darkest shadows) - 50/50 Flatearth (VMC) + Ratskin Flesh (GW). Pure Candiun Skin (VGC) for finishing highlights.

For all black and leather things. Black (VMC) as base, and then through Steel Legion Drab (GW) to 50/50 Cadmiun Skin (VGC) + Ratskin Flesh (GW).

Green clothes was done with few mix of Black (VMC), Camo Green (GW) and Cadmiun Skin (VGC).

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