Sunday, 18 March 2018

Praetor Tribune project: part2 (eng)

The second part of this project log will be devoted to the part of the work that I very rarely show: the color scheme tests. For this miniature, I've done a lot of tests to see which color combination works best for this project. Bigger part of time was spent on the tests of the color scheme for the dead legionary on the base. I tried six color schemes to display a different Legiones Astartes: the yellow and black schemes of the Imperial Fists, the turquoise for the Alpha Legion, the standard iron for the Iron Warriors, and the two color schemes for the Emperor's Children legion, purple and violet. Unfortunately I took photos of the part of this process. As a result of these tests, the stand will be washed, slightly reworked, and repainted in the color of the Emperor's Children

I also did some tests for new recipes for the HMM. I tried a new recipe for steel based on the Pacific88 art color paints, in my opinion quite successfully. I'm not sure that he will replace my current version, but I will definitely make some of the future miniatures in such a gamut. The recipe for cold yellow gold, I also decided to stay for future projects, but I use the "orange" bronze in this miniature.

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