Tuesday, 13 March 2018

Praetor Tribune project: part 1 (eng)

I bring to your attention to my new project based on the miniature Legion Praetor Tribune in Tartaros Terminator Armor from ForgeWorld. But first a little about the miniature itself. It differs somewhat from other miniatures of the Horus Heresy in the main mass there are chopped lines and sharp corners. In principle, I could repeat such a model in CAD without any difficulties (except head and skulls ofcourcs). However, these lines have their own unique style, which distinguishes it from the HH range.

Since this miniature is commission, I'm a bit limited in choosing a base and conversion, in addition, the overall look of this model allows you to concentrate more on the paint technic than the anything else. I do not plan to make any conversions, except for the stand and maybe change the head.
About the base . I placed on it a dead legionnaire, converted from the parts of the defferent MK2 armor kits (old, new, rampagers etc.) with a little bit of sculpting work . Initially, I wanted to make him a skull instead of helmet and a separate helmet at the ground  but, unfortunately, I didn't find a suitable skull in size. In addition, I used a little pine bark and a couple of skulls. In this form, the stand can go both for the Urgalsky lowland and for the wasteland of Tallarn.
Now that the mini is ready for painting, I have to choose a color scheme for the whole project. It is clear that the basis is a brown-blue steel NMM (as usual), but the remaining colors have yet to be chosen. The main problem is the choice of colors for the power blade and the legion for the dead man on the base.

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