Tuesday, 27 March 2018

Praetor Tribune project: part 3 (eng)

The third part of the project log is about painting the base. After several tests, which were written in the second part, I decided that the dead lagionnaire on the base should belong to the Emperor's Children Legion.

The main color of the armor was made with a mixture of Purple and Violet, with  highlinghts by Pearl White and shading by Indigo (all Pacific88 art-color).
 Gold was made by the standard scheme from Armor Brown, Scrofulous Brown and Golden Brown (all Vallejo Model air, game color and model color respectively). In the end, I added a lot of battle damage to the purple armor by almost pure Pearl White.

I also decided to add some blood, and then a little more. And further. As a result, I had to do some light glaze layers with the Violet and a mixture of SB / BG on top to unite visually the blood and armor.

Blood was drawn by dotting in three stages: pure Blood for the Blood god, a mixture of BFTHB with a black and some analogue of carmine red from Pacific88. As a result, the blood began to look more voluminous and shine less.

Well and besides I painted our praetor's head. Inside the armor, it looks much nicer, than separately.

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