Sunday, 4 December 2016


It s my third bust and I m still in love with it!
At first I really like Sacrifice bust sculpted by Pedro Fernández Ramosand. It s amazing!
But I wanted to do it more special. So I m thankful to Ravenswood for idea with nimbus and belly.
I took it with some another works at Hussar 2016 and it was very funny to finish it (with headache) in hotel )))
Sacrifice tok 3d place in Bust category.





At first I cut off lower triangle and did this area more rounded. 
But RWD said that I "broke" sculpture sence and now it need to do some another meanings. So I sculpted pregnat belly and corrected underlip. Also I "played" with ritual knife and did it more "alive".
It was not easy to choose color scheme for this bust.
At begining I painted inner side of the cloak as old leather. But as you can see on finish pics I changed it on dark red.
For outer side of the cloak I tried and purple and dark blue and green colors. But at the end I decided to paint it black. It is good background for pale skin and red hair.


In hotel with useful painting set for trips.


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    1. yes, it will be for sale.
      I already have few requests about it.
      You can write to me at serpentarium.painting (///)