Tuesday 23 January 2018

Pinup Architect

A new pinup girl from Kingdom Death. 
This time I wanted to do something unusual. Additionally, I did not really like this miniature (incomprehensibly weapon, typical for KD thong, too deep-set "drowned" eyes. 
A few days before I took this miniature, we had a short conversation in Facebook with the German artist Klaus Dorn, where it came about purple fur as an option of some kind of non-standard approach. And with the purple fur I jokingly invented pink latex. This is how the pair "fur-latex" was born, which required implementation in some miniature. And this Architect was good variant to try some new approach. I cut off the stupid thong and tried to make a tight-fitting body latex suit. Now of course I think that latex does not have enough gloss and it might be worth it to make it more contrast. However, I'm glad that the seemingly insane idea about purple fur has led to a very interesting and pleasing to me personally (and the customer) result. But the problem of too deep-set eyes had to be masked by smudged cosmetics. 
I also attach a photo of the palette and colors that I used for the latex suit. Nothing complicated, just a lot of long and tedious work with layering and glazes for smooth transitions. Pleats (folds) and, that is not unimportant, nipples - are drawn, I mean I had to draw all these textures just simulating the volume with light and shadow.