Saturday, 23 December 2017

Wet Nurse skin tone: step-by-step in pictures

Last winter I painted Kingdom death Wet Nurse and did some pictures while working with it. And forgot about it. A few days ago I found these pics and decided to post it as short step-by-step. Unfortunately I didn't find any records of painting recipes for these pictures (or I didn't write records?). So it will be the only photo. Hope maybe it can be useful for someone.
First part was about semitransparent stockings.
Today it's time for skin tone.
5 steps with layering.
The 6th picture seems a little bit different but it's only because of not the same taking picture conditions. This pic is about lining with purple-red diluted paint.

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  1. Your skin tones are the best and most unique I've seen, I really want to try doing this one day!