Monday, 19 September 2016

Malifaux Mondays #16 and #17: the creepy ones

Good morning, my dear boys and girls. This time I'll reveal something creepy
. At first it will be Dr. Douglas "McBreakfast" McMourning. He is very good in plastic surgeon and his nurses can prove it) 
I painted his clothes just as in nurse step-by-step and used "Blood for the Blood god" (GW) to do the blood. For hair I used Amarantha red and Scorfulous brown (both Vallejo). 
Next one is Miss Step, a mostly mechanical girl. Her legs too wide placed for her original base so I forced to do a bigger one. I made it from pine bark, sand and Milliput. I used my standard steel NMM scheme to do the metal parts but also do the purple wash in the shadows. Bronze parts also painted in my standard scheme

I hope you enjoyed that.

P.S. Miss Step CMON link

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