Wednesday, 20 April 2016

"I'll give you something better than life or death"

My entry for 2nd  round of Iron Painter contest.
Theme was "Better off (un)dead". And it was really hard pain for my brain to imagine something about it. So very big THANKS to my friend Ravenswood for help me with idea about voodoo magic and for reminding about importance of "undead" aspect in round theme.
So I had only one week for work from zero to deadline. I think I work hard about 40-45 hours for all works - building tree stump (it was the biggest part of work), sculpting dolls and organs, preparing, converting and painting miniatures and all small details and so on.
How do you think what story are telling us this scene?

I sale this diorama. 
So if you interested to buy you can send me mail on serpentarium.painting (///)

Hope you like it! 
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I used 5 tubes of super glue for stump. )))
Inside of all construction are many cork layers. Over it "cork cake" are few resin layers.
For sculpting I used Milliput (yellow on pics)  and Magic Sculpt (grey on pics).
These resin material have different properties. So milliput was good for "rude" works and for bark texture. Magic was better for small detail sculpting and for tree cut texture.
I used 2 miniatures.
Concubine (Hasslefree miniatures) and Lo'nua (Confrontation).






  1. Wow that is a lot of work. Congratulations on such a great piece. Good luck in round 3!

  2. This is amazing!!!