Thursday, 24 December 2015

Iron Empire Reapers troops 1/2 - box-art for Raging Heroes

Good news again! I'm proud to show you a box art unit for Raging Heroes' TGG.
This time it is Iron Empire's light troopers. And in this part I want to say how I painted their armor.
For the base of painting scheme I used my current scheme for chaos dwarf bronze armor but with one difference:
I used Ratskin Flesh instead of Bubonic brown to give the more copper look.
So I painted this armor from darkest tones to highlights 
Base mix Black + Amarantha Red (VMC) used in darkest parts and shadows. I add more Amarantha red for highlinting.
In mid tones I add the drop of Scrofulous Brown (VGC) to base mix.
After that I add the Ratskin Flesh (GW) to previous mix for hightligths and White in last stages.

P.S, many many thanks to Marina ""Ringil" who painted the faces