Monday, 20 January 2014

Space Eldar army: Hornets

 My big commission project of Space Eldar army continues with Eldar Hornets. I've used the same techniques for painting planets and space objects as I did on Crimson Hunter. And I feel that my skill in airbrush painting grows so much! I like it!

Bottom view:

 Optional weapon - 36 guns for three Hornets:

You can find more pics in my personal blog: Hoperiver's Valley.
  And I want to tell more about bases. My client asked me to do swiwelling bases so you can rotate or angle a vehicle on the base. Here is an instruction for doing it.
   I can really rotate a vehicle, but in practice I have some problems to hold hornet in angle position because of its weight. It requires a little patience. But it stands stable and good in normal position 

   The next turn will be for Walkers. You will see them soon! 
   How do you think - what color will it be?

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