Thursday, 24 October 2013

"Сaught by light flash"

  The history of this miniature bith began a long time ago. It was a collective project on Russian Alternative forum (now closed) with a pair of russian artist to paint a military girl, which was not ended together. But I've came to finish! (It's better late then never).
  And I took it to Hussar 2013 so you could see it there.

 Before painting^

  And painting. I didn't plan to paint it in standart camouflage scheme or paint her in bright colors. I wanted to experiment - do her unnoticeable but with good focus point on her face. So I used a lantern to help me with lighting the face. It's better don't ask how the lantern works among this devastation ). But it's fantastic, isn't it? )))
So, to my mind, I've done here everything that I wanted, so I've got a great pleasure from working on this project as well as on the result.


  1. Отлично тетя в базу вписалась. Надо будет рассматривать ее тщательно в живую