Friday, 16 November 2012

Holiday without hobbies... is not a holiday!

Holiday  is always good. Holiday combined with hobbies shopping is right and VERY good. Trophy...

Now we are in Barcelona, and ​​found some interesting places.

First, is the store Samarkanda MiniaturaS. Not very big, but with a good range of miniatures in various scales.

Another interesting place, or rather, even a few places, are close to the subway Ark de Triomf.
Going round the area adjacent to the enter to subway, you can find some interesting shops. Most literature, comics and artbooks. Some garage-kits with Japanese robots and GW. Good addition to the trip to the ZOO.

And for dessert - CARCASSONNE!
Ну и на закуску - КАРКАССОН! Да да мы и туда съездили ))

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  1. Добавь фотку с вашими счастливыми лицами )))