Monday, 8 October 2012

Basing is SIMPLE!

I think the base is not very difficult. The main issues that arise is what to do and from what. On the first, I probably will go into transcendental wilderness, so long as quiet. With the second easier.
   Little bases that made ​​after talking with We7 THIS THREAD. Do not think they reference, rather a test version. Myself just interesting, could I put together something in 2 cm plastic. Well somehow fit, although sacrificed place for miniatures))
   I invite to discussion. If you have questions on the technology ready to make some tutorials! So WELCOME;)

1) Yellow lamp

2) Rubbish

3) Mysterious stone

4) Deserted beach

5) Dark Swamp


  1. Sergey! It's really fantastic work - so many different ideas on such small bases! You're a Base Master indeed!

    1. O! Come on! They far from perfect, can work and work!

  2. So i'll prove both of you that it's not a sacrifice of place for miniatures. I'll do minis for all of your bases.

    1. "Сhallenge accepted" (с) Barney Stinson

  3. Hi,
    i like your Blog!
    I follow you. If you like to follow me too, i’ll be happy!
    See you soon! ^^

  4. Replies
    1. Thanks! But i think it some thing like "test version".
      Just for fun.