Monday, 24 September 2012

Acolyte of December

This mini have a hard story. When I start to collect "Cult of December" crew for Malifaux this mini be one of first brought and first based and primed. And I tryed to paint it at first time. And I fail.

My crew is growing I played in Malifaux and also brought the second acolyte. When I started paint this mini at second time I choose paint scheme of CoO Revee Hunter with nice freehands. And I fail again.

I selled off major part of "December" crew and rebuilded it. So it will be time to tryed paint this acolyte again. I choose another painting scheme from amaizing Ringil's Chaos Champion. And when I fail again I stopped playing and paintig this crew

So two weeks before this moment I collect all "December" minis and I started paint this acolyte one last time.

So at the fourth time since two years from the first try I DID IT!


  1. Brutal guy! But were is nano-fotki?)

    1. No nano-photo before I reach 2nd hundred on CMON rating or win something :-P