Friday, 31 August 2012

Forest Dragon. Sculpting. WIP.

Little "work in progress" from me. He was inspired by LEMURS. Look like a cross between a cat and a panda. Lovely and soft creatures. One of them. He looks likes he knows everything! =)

And some Dragon... I hope you will see something on these terrible pictures...

Comments are welcome ;)


  1. So cute litte lemure dragon ^_^

  2. Yes, this cute little dragon, he hasn't learned how to fly yet. And your trees are always make me be envious.
    But if you want some comments - I'll give one. It's about dragon's hind legs. Now they look like varan's legs. But, to my mind, dragon has wider hips, as a horse. This gives him an imposing look. But your dragon is so little, may be he will eat a lot of food and grow in a big terrifying dragon. And then we'll see whose legs are better :).

    1. Accepted! =)
      With legs there is a main problem ... I did not think how they should flex)
      And just "pulled" a skeleton on a tree.
      Well, it's only first try)